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Sony PlayStation Platinum Headset

Sony PlayStation Platinum Headset

Release Date: 20/01/2017

Accessory Title: Sony PlayStation Platinum Headset)   

The Platinum wireless headset takes gaming audio to a whole new dimension, delivering rich highly-positional virtual surround sound in all PlayStation4 games.

Gain a competitive edge, by pinpointing every move your enemy makes and become deeply immersed in...

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Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 Controller

PlayStation Dual 4 Shock Controller

Release Date: 16/09/2016

Accessory Title: DualShock 4 Controller   

The DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller defines the new generation of play, combining revolutionary features with an intuitive design and precise controls.

The new model features a stylish matt finish, shows your light bar from above and allows you to communicate data with your PS4 via USB cable...

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Charging Dock for PS4 Controller

Charging Dock for PS4 Controller

Release Date:  N/A

ADZ PS4 High Speed Dual Controller Docking Station Charger is designed to charge two Wireless PS4 Dualshock controller simultaneously.

It's compatible with Sony PS4 / PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro dualshock 4 gamepads. It charges via the EXT port near the headphone socket on the...

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Thumb Grips for PS4 Dual Shock Controller

Thumb Grips for PS4 Dual Shock Controller

Release Date: N/A

Customize - High quality silicone cover case personalizes your PS4 controllers. Perfectly Fit - fit exactly over the Sony PS4 controller.

Enhanced Grip * Specifically designed surface shape STUDDED and high quality material. Provides improved...

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PS4 Premium Games Tower

PlayStation Game Storage Tower

Release Date: N/A

Accessory Title: PS4 Premium Games Tower   

Keep your most loved and most played games conveniently close with this official PlayStation games storage tower.

Store up to 10 of your favourite PS4, PS3, or Xbox One games, as well as your Blu-ray movies, or stack additional units to store even more cases close-by! Perfect for tidy...

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PlayStation Move Motion Controller - Twin Pack PS4-PSVR

Release Date: 13/10/2016

Enhance your PlayStationVR experience with the PlayStationMove motion controller.

Incredibly easy to use, motion controllers allow you to instantly and intuitively interact with your virtual surroundings in compatible PlayStationVR games...

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PlayStation VR Aim Controller (PS4)

PlayStation VR Aim Controller (PS4)

Release Date: 04/04/2019

Take aim with total precision. Feel every shot - and make each one count; Discover a new level of intense, realistic action with the intuitive controller built to enhance compatible PlayStation VR games.

With precision tracking technology, the PS VR aim...

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 Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel

Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel

Release Date: 17/06/2015

This steering wheel is engineered to perfect your immersive racing simulation, allowing to feel every detail and bring your experience to life.

Feel your tyres on every turn and type of terrain and sense when you're under and oversteer drifting with precision...

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 Comfurni Gaming Chair

Comfurni Gaming Chair

Release Date: 08/10/2017

Accessory Title: Comfurni Gaming Chair   

GAMING CHAIR: Upgraded new ergonomic gaming Chair with a unique appearance and thickly cushioned for maximum comfort, provides you with a comfortable experience when you play the game and use it for ours.

Two extra pillows helps relax your head and waist greatly when lie on the chair at game breaks. Not only can you...

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Subsonic - Stream Pack Accessories for Gamers and You-tubers

Subsonic - Stream Pack accessories for gamers and youtubers

Release Date: 25/11/2018

Pack of video and audio capture accessories for Streaming. Designed to get started on Youtube and Twitch easily.

STREAM YOUR GAME: Save your FPS, battle Royal games etc from your console (Playstation 4, PS4 Slim...

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Steering Wheel

Enhanced Grip * Specifically designed surface shape STUDDED and high quality material Provides improved grip feeling during gameplay, prevent slip. Perfectly Fit * fit exactly over the Sony PS4 controller. Customize * High quality silicone cover case...

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