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PlayStation Vita 

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The PS Vita - A stunning 5” touchscreen, rear touch pad, dual analog sticks and high quality games. What more can one ask for?

PlayStation Vita

PlayStation Vita - Introducing the new streamlined, feature-packed PlayStation®Vita. With its stunning 5” touchscreen, unique features like the rear touch pad and dual analog sticks, high quality games, PlayStation®Vita has revolutionised handheld...

Introducing the new streamlined, feature-packed PlayStation®Vita

PS Vita

Quick Product Overview

Product Name: PlayStation Vita

Launch Date: 07/02/14

Customer Rating:                            (Based on more then 170 reviews)

Product Summery: The colour on the PS slim is more natural and not over saturated like the original PS vita. And having seen both Editions, the PlayStation Vita Slim is brighter, lighter, slightly sharper and has the advantage that it is more comfortable to hold, meaning longer hours of gaming.

PlayStation Vita - The Benefits

With its stunning 5” touchscreen, unique features like the rear touch pad and dual analog sticks and high quality games, PlayStation Vita has revolutionised handheld gaming.

It’s also the perfect partner for PlayStation®4, allowing you to stream your PS4™ games and play them anywhere*. And now there’s a brand new PlayStation Vita model that’s slimmer, lighter and has been reshaped to fit easier in your hands.

PS Vita

PlayStation Vita - More Benefits Include...

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    LONGER BATTERY LIFE: The new PS Vita also has superior battery life and built-in memory. And thanks to advances in LCD technology, it features a new LCD screen for highest-level image quality.
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    PLAY LIGHTER: The new PS Vita has a more rounded shape and is 20% thinner and 15% lighter than the previous model.
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    PLAY INSTANTLY: Get straight into the action with 1GB of built-in memory – no need to insert a memory card to save your game progress and content (Additional memory may be required for some titles).
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    PLAY WITH PS 4: Enjoy your PS4™ games on PlayStation Vita with Remote Play – stay connected to your PS4™ via Wi-Fi, wherever you are.
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    PLAY THE PS VITA WAY: The new model retains all the innovative, unique PS Vita features you know and love, including dual analog sticks, front and rear touch, front and rear cameras, microphone and motion sensors.

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Manufacturer: Sony

Postage: Eligible for free postage and packaging but certain terms and conditions apply.

What's in the box?: PS Vita 2000 (Ushiwaka) Internal Memory card built in (1gb)


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PlayStation Vita

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